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Used Cars for Sale near Oklahoma City, OK

Posted at Mon, Dec 5, 2016 1:30 PM


For those who are looking for used cars for sale near Oklahoma City, OK, the Seth Wadley Auto Group is a natural choice. We deal in used Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, and Rams, and keep a cutting-edge repair shop to perform maintenance and make sure that all of our offerings are in the optimal condition when they leave the lot. Our seasoned salespeople do their best to ensure the comfort, convenience, and careful decision making of our customers; every customer who comes to Seth Wadley dealership is guaranteed a relaxed and friendly transaction.

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Buying a Used Car in Oklahoma

As with any state, there are steps to be taken to make the purchase of a used car legal and binding. Firstly, there are no temporary tags in Oklahoma; dealerships such as Seth Wadley can put on a paper tag which will be valid for thirty days, and it will be necessary to get the vehicle tagged and titled in that time. Title and registration can be purchased at the local DMV, although Seth Wadley Auto Dealership will help the buyer to complete the paperwork, saving the potential owner a trip to the DMV.

There will be several expenses involved in buying a used car in Oklahoma. State and local taxes will be required, as well as tag registration fees and excise tax. There will be a title transfer fee and the outlay involved in purchasing the required insurance for the car. The registration also requires a certain amount of paperwork, including the Certificate of Title, proof of purchase, current registration, and proof of car insurance.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car in Oklahoma City

It’s always a good idea to check over a used car thoroughly, no matter where it’s coming from. The trained repair staff at Seth Wadley Auto Group always makes sure a used car is in the best condition possible and that all problems are seen to before the car hits the lot. Still, it’s wise to make one’s own inspection of a potential car purchase.

Start by thoroughly checking the window sticker. The sticker is a requirement made of dealers by the Federal Trade Commission, and some pertinent information can be found on it. The sticker will show the percentage of future repair costs the dealer will undertake, and whether the vehicle is under warranty or sold ‘as is.’ If it is under warranty according to the sticker, the dealer must honor it.

An in-person inspection may take some time, and it helps to bring along someone to assist in the process. The check of the exterior should include the condition of the panels and roof; checking fender and door lines for gaps and badly-fitted parts; blistered paint or rust spots; the condition of the glass parts; the state of the suspension, which can be checked by looking at how evenly the car is standing, and giving it a few bounces; checking to see if lights are in working condition and the shape of the lenses; and the state of the tires—are they worn? Is the tread fading?

The engine and surrounding parts should be checked thoroughly. Make sure the belts and hoses are not dried-up or cracked. It may be a good idea to check fluids for levels and discoloration of fluid. Check the radiator and make sure the coolant is not discolored. Check the battery fluid level by opening the caps if present.

Checking the interior of a used car is equally important. Check the condition of the rubber on the accelerator and brake pedals. Worn pedals, as well as worn tires, can spell odometer rollover if the car has few miles on it. Sit on all four of the seats and make sure there are no protruding springs or other problems; turn on the engine and try the heater, air conditioner, and other dashboard features, including the radio. Make sure the speakers work and that the radio dial is functional. Try out the CD player or MP3 connection. Check the roof interior for stains or pockets indicating water leaks; the floor mats should also be checked for signs of mold or mildew.

Finally, check the tailpipe for unusually greasy residue, which could indicate that it has been burning oil. If there is space beneath the vehicle, do basic checks underneath for oil leaks or fluid discoloration on the engine.

How to Choose the Right Used Car

One important aspect of choosing a used car, or indeed any car, is to choose the most useful type for the driver’s needs. This can be addressed by looking at some basic facts. The number of passengers normally along for the ride, the amount of storage space needed, the sort of jobs the car may be doing, the type of road surface usually encountered in the driver’s daily routine, the need or lack of need for child seats, the presence of snow or ice, length of drive on an average day, and the need or lack of need for four-wheel drive can all play a part. It may be a good idea to make a checklist and perform research on which type of cars meet this need.

Another important consideration is the financial aspect. It’s always necessary to set a budget when purchasing a car and it has to be within reasonable limits. Normally it’s suggested that the car payment is no more than 20% of one’s monthly income. For those who want to trade in old cars, Seth Wadley makes it easy for the buyer by offering a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer for the trade-in. This offer can ease the financial situation for those who want to trade up on a better used car. What it means is that Seth Wadley Auto Group will offer official Blue Book value for old cars, meaning that the customer is always offered a fair deal.

Finding the Value on Used Cars

Seth Wadley offers fair bargains on all used cars in the lot. But it never hurts to do research and find out what value a used or second-hand car has. Two prices to check out are the retail price, which is the value of the car if it is new and being sold in a dealership; and the wholesale/trade-in price, which is the value to a dealer of a particular car. Within the wholesale price structure are levels, including the trade-in price offered to a customer, a price offered from one dealer to another, and even an auction price if the car is put up in a wholesale auction.

Bringing up the Kelley Blue Book once more, it is helpful to check the official blue book value of a used car; there are also resources such as the price guide from Consumer Reports. Checking the prices against those of other local dealerships may also be illuminating for the potential buyer.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car from a Dealership

Used cars might be slightly less expensive when purchased from an individual. But there are benefits to be gained from buying from a dealership.

One big advantage is the exacting inspection and maintenance done on a used car before it is sold, and this is certainly the case with Seth Wadley Auto Group. Used cars coming from individual owners are a true crapshoot, as many problems may exist which are not known by the buyer until it is too late. Another consideration is the choice of make and model; a dealership like Seth Wadley has many models on offer, and many more options than could be had from an individual seller. Dealerships also allow prior inspections by the potential buyer as well as test drives of the vehicles. This also eliminates the possible risk of driving with a complete stranger.

Another thing to consider is the financing; dealerships offer credit applications and will help to speed up the entire process. Finally, a dealer like Seth Wadley will help the user to handle the paperwork so a trip to the DMV is not necessary. Overall, purchasing from a dealer rather than an individual is safer, easier, faster, and more convenient.


In this article, the pros and cons of buying a used car from a dealership have been discussed, as well as what to look for, the legal ramifications, and more. For those who want a quality used car near Oklahoma City, you cannot do better than to visit the Seth Wadley Auto Group dealership, which can be reached at 877-710-2709.

If buyers wish to visit the dealership in person and take a test drive or two, the address is 333 North Butler Road, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma 73075. Seth Wadley’s seasoned sales professionals and representatives will do our very best to make sure that the customer is happy, and drives off the lot behind the wheel of a quality used car in great condition. Get in touch today, and we’ll get you in the used car of your dreams in no time.

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