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What is the payload capcity on a 2024 Ram Promaster

Published on Sep 20, 2023 by SEAN FARNHAM

What is the Payload Capacity on a 2024 Ram Promaster?

The Ram Promaster is a popular choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient commercial van. It is known for its large cargo capacity, which is made even larger by its impressive payload capacity. The payload capacity of the 2024 Ram Promaster is a whopping 4,680 lbs. This means you can transport a large amount of cargo in one trip, making it ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Why Choose a Ram Promaster?

The Ram Promaster is not only known for its impressive payload capacity, but also for its best-in-class fuel efficiency, its robust powertrain, and its easy maneuverability. With a max towing capacity of up to 6,880 lbs., the Ram Promaster is a great choice for hauling large loads. It also has a variety of safety features, including blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning, making it a great choice for both business and personal use.

What else should I know about the Ram Promaster?

The Ram Promaster comes with a variety of features and options to make your life easier. It has an available power liftgate, which allows you to easily load and unload cargo. It also has an available ParkView rearview camera to help you park in tight spaces. The available Uconnect infotainment system keeps you connected and entertained on the go. And with a variety of customizable interior configurations, you can be sure to find the perfect Ram Promaster for your needs.

Where can I find a Ram Promaster?

You can find the Ram Promaster at any authorized Ram dealership. Our sales team is here to help you find the perfect Ram Promaster for your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to drive a reliable and efficient commercial van with an impressive payload capacity. Check out our current Ram Promaster inventory today and drive off the lot with peace of mind.